Vendor / Drop-Shipping System - Store Operations

Vendor / Drop-Shipping System - Store Operations Features

SearchFit is designed to allow online stores who drop ship products to do so easily and with maximum flexibility. Not only does SearchFit support the assignment of products to specific vendors with specific shipping cost calculations and more, but vendors are able to log in using their own account and view the orders you have for their products.

Assign products to vendors

Assign products to vendors in order to associate them with specific shipping, address, and cost information. Information about each vendor such as physical address and email address can be stored in SearchFit. Each product can be assigned to a vendor using a GUI or via import. Once a product is assigned to a vendor, the automated drop shipping system takes effect. If the product is ordered, a variety of automated actions occur as described below.

Vendor-specific shipping calculations

Even if a single order contains products from numerous vendors, it is simple to charge the correct amount for shipping and handling on every product. This is accomplished because SearchFit calculates costs based on the vendor's "ship from" address.

Vendors receive a dedicated login

It's easy to give vendors the ability to login to a SearchFit Control Panel with limited access. Restrict vendors view to only their orders so they know exactly what to ship and where to ship it. By viewing their order data, vendors will get an idea of how much business an online store is bringing them.

Automatic order notification emails that are customizable

Save countless hours by using an automated system to generate order emails to vendors. Notifications are sent to each vendor for every necessary order or item. This reduces time needed to process an order and ensures all items are properly placed with the correct vendor. A custom email template can be used to email each vendor according to their requirements.