Are You Ready for the New Online Sellers Tax Rules?

New Sales Tax Rules Affect Online Sellers

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of South Dakota in its case against online retailer Wayfair, Inc. granting the state authority to impose sales tax obligations on out of state transactions. Because there are currently 12,000 regions that charge some level of sales tax, the Searchfit team has partnered with Avalara, a leading provider of tax compliance automation for businesses, to offer Avatax its customers. As a result of this partnership, Searchfit’s customers can now choose Avalara’s AvaTax to calculate applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges for every billing line item. We know there are many questions that retailers will have and Avalara regularly updates their comprehensive Wayfair tax Q and A that you can read here.

Once retailers have digested the rules, launching AvaTax is simple. Just set up your AvaTax account at Avalara. Configure your tax settings with it. Then apply your AvaTax credentials to Searchfit and activate your new tax configuration.

With these simple steps, you will be able to confidently offer tax calculations to your customers in any area that you have nexus in. Down the line, you can manage your tax reporting with your in-house accounting department or you can take advantage of Avalara’s tax reporting services that can work in parallel to your AvaTax integration.

Searchfit’s Certified Partner status is currently under review. Certified partners pass a series of criteria developed by Avalara to ensure the connector’s performance and reliability, thereby helping mutual customers benefit from a seamless experience with Avalara’s tax compliance solutions.

Contact Searchfit to find out more about how to become tax compliant and activate the AvaTax service.


Ashish Magar

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