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Features: Marketing & Social Media Features


Increase orders and order size with coupons and discounts.

Many ecommerce platforms offer the fundamental ability to create coupons. The challenge that many ecommerce marketers face, is the customizability of the coupon. It has to have criteria that meets their specific needs. The SearchFit coupon system allows ecommerce marketers the freedom to tailor and customize coupons in many different ways. The sophisticated coupon settings allow marketers and managers many freedoms, but here is a…

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Customer Subscriptions

Be the first to know when a product is back in stock.

It is often discouraging for a customer to go to a website only to find that the product they searched for and added to their cart is out-of-stock. It is perhaps even more disheartening to an eCommerce manager to know that their hard-earned traffic has left without making a purchase because a product has sold out. SearchFit’s Customer Subscriptions lets eCommerce managers and marketers stay…

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Product Ratings & Reviews

People use reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Creating unique content and helping customers decided what to purchase are two very related challenges for every eCommerce manager. Most eCommerce managers understand that compelling content drives organic traffic and increases eCommerce conversion rate. Allowing customers to review products, is one of the best ways to build high quality content on an eCommerce website. The content created from Product Reviews is unique; search engines love…

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Upsell Products

Upsell the right way.

Upselling is a technique that works efficiently in both an eCommerce and brick and mortar setting. It increases order values and, when done properly, helps customers purchase additional, necessary products. Although Upsells are an incremental bump in order amounts, over the course of a year, small sales increases add up to a nice year-end bonus. In general, upselling is the attempt to increase the order…

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