Dynamic Cart Summary

A fast glance at important product details.

When building an ecommerce experience, the little things matter and having a pleasant user experience is different for every website.…

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HTML/CSS Template System

A smart mix of static and dynamic pages with an unlimited number of templates.

Some shopping cart platforms require advanced template customizations, but are hindered by the limitations of most ecommerce software. SearchFit allows…

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Mega Menus

Create simple, effective navigation across your website with the use of a mega menu.

Choosing between using an auto-updated menu or a hardcoded menu, can be a difficult decision for a development team. Each…

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Quick Look

Image galleries help increase your website conversion rate in different ways.

Ecommerce shopping cart features can contribute to incremental conversion increases and are key to a successful eTail store. Implementing minor…

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Automatic Image Resizing

Automatic Image Resizing

We understand the importance of saving development time by automating common tasks and are glad to let you know that SearchFit offers automated image resizing.

While performing a bulk product import, or adding products individually using the control panel, you have the ability to upload a single high resolution image and SearchFit will automatically create all the necessary sizes needed for the website.