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Features: Product Configuration Features

Dynamic Product Filters

Improve website usability and convenience.

Dynamic product filters allows your customers to narrow down the viewable products to match specific characteristics they are looking for. For example, customers will be able to filter so that they see only products of a certain color, size, material, brand, or cost. This gives your customers the ability to find what they are looking for more efficiently.

Dependent Product Options

Got options with options?

Your customers will be able to choose only the combination of options which you would like to present. Dependent options also give customers the ability to purchase a highly customized product. Each available combination of dependent product options can use SearchFit’s inventory control system. This powerful capability allows you to prevent ordering option combinations that are out of stock.

Intelligent Product Groups

Automatically add a product display to your site which contains only products that match a specific set of criteria.

For example, add a product display to your home page that automatically lists your best selling products. SearchFit includes the following Intelligent Product Group types: Customers Also Bought Recently, View Products Best Selling, Products By Quantity, Best Selling Products By Revenue, Best Selling Products By Profit, Most Recent Products, Top Ranked Products/Best Customer Rating, Most Ranked Products, Most Profitable Products, Products on Sale.

Advanced Image Galleries

Image galleries help increase your website conversion rate in different ways.

Having a great image display makes customers excited about your products and can give them the emotional push they need to make a buying decision. Image galleries also help customers explore your product. Customers can see the products from different angles and in different situations, giving them a more realistic perception of the product. This helps give customers the details about the product they need in order to make a buying decision.

Related Products

Create a more informative product page with related products.

Give your customers more opportunity to find what they need by showing them Related Products on the product page. You can easily import Related Products, group them and show them in the best way possible in SearchFit. You can group them as straightforward Related Products, or group them as product accessories to the main product. Then you can show both of these groups in different ways to make the product page more appealing and informative.

Automatic Inventory Updates

Set your cart to fetch inventory automatically.

The Automatic Inventory Update feature allows you to set the cart to fetch an inventory file from an ftp location and set the frequency of its fetches. This eliminates manually updating inventory and creates more time for you and your team to service your customers.

Product Links

SearchFit offers a customization feature to include a canonical link tag on your Product Links

When you want to have a product in multiple places on your website because they are, for example, in multiple categories, you can use Product Links to make a copy of that product page to be used in another spot on your site.  This is very useful for stat tracking, so that you can see which categories are performing best.  This can be seen as duplicate content by search engines and lower your ranking, so SearchFit offers a customization feature to include a canonical link tag on your Product Links, so that they will not harm your search engine rankings.

Product Pages

With SearchFit’s powerful and easy to use interface, configuring your product pages has never been easier.

SearchFit has a wide range of customization options that allow you to set up your product pages for maximum benefit.  Product pages are the lifeblood of an online store, and with SearchFit you will be able to set them up exactly how you need them in order to reach your goals!

Digital Products

SearchFit offers a wide range of features to enable you to be successful selling digital products.

Digital products can be great to sell on your site, letting you avoid having to ship thing and cutting down the amount of warehouse space you need, but they can also be tricky to deliver to customers in a way that is easy and painless for them.  With SearchFit, you don’t need to worry about that, as our digital products features are designed to make sure you can be successful!