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Features: Advanced SEO Features

Intelligent 301 Redirects

Automated Redirects for Renamed Products and Categories.

Building redirects is a crucial part of eCommerce website maintenance. Maintenance of your Search Engine Results Page (SERP), traffic and inbound link benefits and redirecting discontinued products and outdated category pages is necessary. But, creating redirects takes time, management and can affect your site’s overall load time. With SearchFit’s Intelligent 301 Redirects, the merchant will have the added benefit of the following features: SearchFit automatically…

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SEO Naming Rules

Maximize Your SEO.

Although the landscape of the Internet changes and the tactics to drive sales evolve, Search Engine Optimization continues to be a significant area for any eCommerce website. Whether starting a small, venture or migrating a large enterprise site to a new platform, setting a sound fundamental base for SEO is paramount. SearchFit’s SEO Naming Rules allow website owners to pull key data from the product…

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Advanced SEO

A collection of settings that can be used to adjust factors related to Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is still a major factor for long term success of an ecommerce site. A well optimized ecommerce site can drive organic traffic with higher conversion rates from more profitable categories. For larger ecommerce sites, adding customization on page optimization can be a daunting task. With SearchFit’s Advanced SEO Naming Rules, a website manager can utilize the content from the category and product…

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Automatic XML Sitemaps

Allow search engines to read a list containing every page on your site.

When properly structured, Automatic XML Sitemaps allow search engines to crawl through a list of pages that the site publishes. A couple of factors contribute to help search engines more intelligently crawl websites: how important each type of page is to the website, how often a particulate page should change and when it was last updated all to more intelligently crawl the site. XML Sitemaps…

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Follow-Up Products

Direct Customers from Discontinued Products to New Replacement Products.

When running an eCommerce site, accuracy of the availability of products is crucial, but showing discontinued products without redirecting customers can create a bad user experience. Customers landing on discontinued product pages are more likely to become frustrated and bounce from the site. Additionally, creating individual redirects for products that regularly become discontinued, or are highly seasonal such as apparel items, can be a time…

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Static Search Pages

Customize Your Search Results Pages.

Static Search Pages allows you to create specific results for a specific search on your site and create a static results page for these results that can be easily indexed by search engines. You also have the ability to add custom titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. You can use these pages for additional SEO or for promotional landing pages for any type of campaign.

Static Search Pages