People love to use price comparison sites to get a great deal, so it’s vital that your store be connected to these sites so that shoppers can come to you. There are a lot of popular choices people use to search for products, and it can be a big hassle for online store owners to keep up with all of it.  That’s why SearchFit offers easy integration with all of the biggest names in product search.  With SearchFit, it is easier than ever to connect your products to these services and see the results of your marketing efforts.  Integrate your site with the product search sites below and start getting traffic that should be yours to your site!

Free Product Search Websites

  • Bing Shopping

    Currently, Bing shopping is a free service that incorporates product availability and prices with its organic search results. Including such information is a great way to provide the most up to date and relevant information to people who are searching for your products.

  • GrabCart.com

    This well known player in the market is easier to connect with than ever before with your SearchFit platform.

  • GoShopping

    This popular site allows customers to search for a wide range of products, and integrating it with your SearchFit platform is a surefire way to increase your traffic and make more sales.

Paid Product Search Websites

  • Google Shopping

    Google is the biggest name in search, and integrating your site with Google Shopping is a surefire way to increase your visibility with customers and drive more traffic to your site.

  • Price Grabber

    Since 1999, Pricegrabber.com has developed an extremely large content distribution network that now includes Yahoo!, About.com, and CNet. That means when you feed your products to Pricegrabber, they get distributed to many other big name sites, giving your marketing a broad reach for no extra effort on your part.

  • Shopzilla

    Shopzilla is one of the most experienced companies in the online price comparison business, making it a great choice for increasing traffic to your site.

  • Shopping.com

    Managed and backed by ebay, Shopping.com offers a robust price comparison site to add to your marketing mix to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

  • Pronto

    Pronto is an international price comparison site that has a large network of sites that can provide a large amount of traffic that you can get directed to your site.

  • Become.com

    SearchFit allows you to easily integrate your products with Become.com, increasing your traffic and making your online marketing plan more effective.

  • Smarter.com

    Smarter.com offers not only useful price search for its users, but also relevant articles that guarantee it gets high amounts of traffic.  Traffic which you can get to your site by connecting to Smarter.com with your SearchFit platform!

  • ShopToIt.ca

    Listing your products with Shoptoit.ca is a great way to market to Canadian consumers.  Doing so is easy with SearchFit automatic product feeds!

  • Sort Price

    As a leader in product price comparison, SortPrice is a great choice to help your Internet marketing plan.  And of course, integration is simple and painless with SearchFit!

  • Shop.com

    Shop.com provides an excellent international content distribution network, and allows merchants to participate in special marketing programs to reach their loyal customers.

  • Shopper.com

    Shopper.com is a popular destination for online shoppers, and an excellent site to supplement your online marketing mix.

  • Gifts.com

    With over 7 million monthly visitors during peak holidays, Gifts.com provides a solid price comparison site and also provides its visitors tools that recommend your products.

  • Oodle Marketplace

    As one of the largest classifieds aggregators in the world, Oodle’s Marketplace is a respected and experienced player in the e-commerce world, making them a great choice to integrate your website with.

  • MyShopping.com.au

    MyShopping.com.au is Australia’s top comparison shopping site.  Feeding your products to them with your SearchFit shopping cart is a great way to increase your online marketing potential in Australian markets!

  • LeGuide

    The LeGuide group has been around since 1998, making them one of the most experienced companies in the e-commerce business, and they are Europe’s leading price comparison service.  The profitable markets of Europe can be tapped into better than ever by integrating your site with LeGuide.

  • Get Price

    GetPrice.com compares prices on a wide range of product types, making them an excellent choice to market your products with and get more shoppers to your site.

  • Shop Mania

    With millions of visitors every month, ShopMania is a popular destination for online shoppers looking to find the best price, and integrating your products with this service is a great way to get those shoppers to your site.

  • Amazon Services

    Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world, and with their Pay Per Click service you can utilize their international reputation and high amount of traffic to get more eyes on your products and more buyers to your website than ever.