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Creating an Amazon Pay Account and Activating Amazon Pay as a Payment Method in SearchFit

To migrate to Amazon Pay, first create an Amazon Pay merchant account if you have not already done so.

Here is the sign up form: https://pay.amazon.com/us/signup

Use the same login as your Amazon Checkout if you have one.

Here is Amazon’s FAQ for further information: https://pay.amazon.com/us/help/202021820

After you have completed the account set up, you will need to add some information from your new Amazon Pay account to your SearchFit cart.

You will need to populate these fields in SearchFit:

  • Merchant Id (same as Seller Id in Amazon)
  • LWA Client Id (Logged with Amazon Id)
  • LWA Secret Key Id (Logged with Amazon Secret Key)
  • MWS Access Key Id
  • MWS Secret Key Id

These are the basic required fields to set up.

Here is where to get this information from your Amazon account. From the account selection drop down, select your account tied to your Amazon Pay account. Then select Amazon Pay (Production View). If you do not see the account select Choose Merchant. You should see a list of your accounts tied to your login.

After you have selected the account and selected Amazon Pay (Production View), select MWS Access Key from the Integration drop down.

Next, you will use the information on this screen to populate fields in SearchFit.

Copy the values in these fields and paste them into SearchFit:

  • Amazon Seller Id to SearchFit Merchant Id
  • Amazon MWS Account Information Access Key Id to SearchFit MWS Access Key Id
  • Amazon MWS Account Information Secret Access Key to SearchFit MWS Secret Key Id
  • Amazon Login with Amazon Account Information Client Id to SearchFit LWA Client Id
  • Amazon Login with Amazon Account Information Client Secret to SearchFit LWA Secret Key Id

Then click Update.

If you want to activate this payment method, select Yes in the “Use this method” setting and click Update.

Next, from the merchant drop down in the header select Login with Amazon. This step is to make sure that your Application Information and Web Settings are correct. You already populated this information when creating the Amazon Pay account. However, if the integration does not work, review these settings.

If you have a different domain for your checkout such as secure.mystore.com or checkout.mystore.com, then add them to the Web Settings here:

As a final step, set up a Deposit Method in your new Amazon Pay account. Go to Settings > Account Info. Then click Deposit Methods.

Amazon Instant Payment Notification(IPN) endpoint: https://CART-ADDRESS/scart/public/services/service_amazon_payments.php

You have to set up your notification endpoints in Amazon Seller Central (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/) by accessing the Integration Settings page in the Settings tab. You can learn more by going to Handling Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Messages (https://pay.amazon.com/us/developer/documentation/lpwa/201985720).