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Step I : Merchant Account Setup

  1. Sign up for a BitPay account. Make sure to verify your email and fill in your business information & settlement information – https://bitpay.com/dashboard/signup
  2. Configure Settlement
  3. Get a Pairing Code: Payment Tools → Integration Resources → Manage API Tokens → Add New Token

Step II : Pairing with SearchFit

  1. 1. Go to SearchFit Administration → Settings → Other Payment Methods and choose ‘Bitpay’ From The “Payment Method” dropdown.
  2. If Pairing Status is “Paired” click “Unpair” to disconnect the current pairing
  3. Fill in all of the fields needed.
  4. Enter the pairing code received from the Bitpay Administration in the corresponding field.
  5. Click “Update”
  6. Verify that the “Pairing status” field’s value is “Paired”
  7. Go to the Bitpay administration → Payment Tools → Integration Resources → Manage API Tokens and verify that the selected Token is active:
    • The label matches the chosen one from the SearchFit Administration
    • Token ID is present