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What Is a Product Link?

A Product Link is not an actual Product at all. Rather, it is a duplicate of an existing Product that links the customer to the original (or source) Product information. It is useful because it allows a user to have one source Product in a single Category location, but he/she may also include Product Links back to that same Product that exist in multiple Categories. Also, when a source Product is updated, the Product Links automatically update to match.

When a product link is removed from the store, but requested by the visitor/crawler, the system will issue automatic HTTP 301 redirect to the main product URL. If the main product is inactive, it will issue automatic 301 redirect to the product’s category web page.

How to Create a Product Link

  1. Click the Products tab.
  2. Locate the Product Structure section. Click the Products icon ( ). You will be transferred to the Products screen.
  3. Select New Product Link from the [Select a Function] dropdown. You will be transferred to the Products table.
  4. Specify Category Type, Category (or Subcategory), and the Source Product for your new Product Link.
  5. Click the Continue button ( ).
  6. Enter all other Product data as desired.