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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Overview

If a user enters his/her Terms & Conditions, then the text with a check box will appear in the order form. Every customer will be able to review and agree or disagree with the terms. In the event of disagreement the order will not be able to be placed.

Every successfully placed order keeps its own copy of the Terms & Conditions, so if the terms are altered or updated, the terms of the old orders will still be as they had been at the time of the purchase.

If the Terms & Conditions are left blank, they will not appear, and there will be no such check box in the order form.

The basic purpose of the Terms & Conditions is to provide a way for the user to make clear to the customer the conditions under which the transaction is occurring; by requiring them to agree or disagree, it is guaranteed that the customer has been made aware of these terms.

Terms & Conditions Fields

  1. TERMS & CONDITIONS TEXT/HTML: This field may contain plain text or full HTML markup. It contains the Terms and Conditions content that will be displayed for the customer to review and submit or decline.

Terms & Conditions Functions

  1. Preview: Selecting this function will open a pop-up panel displaying the entered Terms & Conditions text as it will appear on the checkout page.
  2. Reset: Selecting this function will clear the contents of the Terms & Conditions. Use with caution; it cannot be undone.