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How to Import New Products, SubCategories, Categories and Category Types

  • To import New Products, Sub Categories, Categories and Category Types, use the Import Records form. The Import Records form can be found under the Products tab | Products screen | Select a Function select box | Import option.
  • See the Import Guide and Import Screen Help for more information.
  • Here are some tips for Importing New Products:
    • Have a solid plan for your Product structure before you start importing.
    • Read the Import Records screen help for more information about importing.
    • It’s strongly recommended that you import Foreign ID’s for all items such as Products, Sub Categories, Categories, Category Types, etc. This will make it possible to update your Products via import in the future.
    • It’s easiest to import all data on the same spreadsheet, such as Category Type Properties, Category Properties, Product Properties, etc.
    • A quick way to get an idea of your site structure after you import Products for the first time is to view the SEO Site Structure chart (available under the SEO tab).
Gabe Garcia

Gabe Garcia

Since 2008, Gabe Garcia has been serving various roles at Searchfit from SEO practitioner, eCommerce and SEM campaign manager, and project manager. Prior to this experience, he marketed international micro-financial tools and money transfer services to Latin American governments and organizations. In his spare time, he enjoys 26 mile runs, endurance sports and other various painful sporting events such as golf.

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