Tiered Member Pricing

SearchFit has integrated member only pricing that can be applied to groups or individuals giving store owners more abilities to strengthen their relationships with dealers, and to foster more repeat business from commercial customers. The ability to provide special pricing to each member or to groups of members, gives a merchant an excellent opportunity to create a substantial member base.

Member pricing is applied to member groups and set at the product level which means that store managers can tailor very unique pricing for their members. Once pricing is set, a member simply needs to login on the front-end site to see their unique prices.

For store owners who already manage a robust member program or who are building one from scratch, this feature gives them added abilities to offer a more meaningful membership program. For site owners who have not yet built a membership program, this feature may give them the extra push they need to start.

In addition to increased member loyalty and new member generation, there are many benefits to introducing tiered member pricing:

  • By implementing a specialized pricing system on your ecommerce website, you are rewarding initial loyalty and encouraging more purchases.
  • You can discount prices for members with whom you have special deals or agreements with discretion and without negatively impacting relationships with other members who don’t receive the same type of discount.

Specialized programs add distinction and a sense of exclusivity to your business, by providing benefits like increased customer engagement and offering targeted discounts.

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