Dependent Product Options

SearchFit’s mission from our early days has never wavered: we aim to bring enterprise level shopping cart functionality to businesses of all sizes. Few features epitomize this objective quite like Dependent Product Options.

Dependent Product Options is a feature that was designed to address a complicated and extraordinarily common scenario. Many product lines have options that depend on other options; For example, you might be selling a pair of pants that comes in five different colors, and each of those colors has different sizes available. While a pair of pants in the color brown may have inventory available in sizes S,M,L those same pants in blue may only have sizes M,XL available. With the vast majority of eCommerce systems available on the market today, a merchant would be forced to create each color or size as a separate item leading to a confusing and poorly converting user experience. Some systems allow for option dependencies but have no integration between these dependencies and the systems inventory management. The latter scenario leads to an even worse experience because it allows customers to purchase items that are potentially out of stock.

With SearchFit’s Dependent Product Options, customers have the ability to purchase a highly customized product all from a single product page. Reducing the amount of clicks necessary for the customer and increasing the merchant’s conversion rate and search engine optimization capabilities. Each available combination of dependent product options can use SearchFit’s inventory control system, thereby ensuring the merchant is only selling product combinations that they have in stock and wish to sell. Best of all, each combination can be given a specific SKU so any integration with the merchant’s inventory control system will remain accurate.

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