Related Products

Related products can provide numerous opportunities for a merchant to increase average order value, increase average items per order, and provide a much smoother user experience.

The tried-and-true method of utilizing the related products functionality is to place a small group of complementary goods within a product page. Traditionally, these could be actual related items (i.e. an item a customer might purchase as an alternative to the product they are viewing) or accessories of that product.

SearchFit’s related products types allow multiple groups of related products under any single product. For example, you could have one group labeled “customers who purchased this item also purchase”, another group call “accessories”, and a separate third group called “similar products”. By utilizing multiple related product groups a merchant can dramatically enhance the value of product pages.

Related products can be imported via the flexible SearchFit import engine, manually modified using our graphic interface, or automated based on criteria such as category.

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