Introducing a Fully Responsive eCommerce Solution

Ready to take the dive towards creating a fully responsive cart? By following the steps below, you will be on your way to actualizing your cart for the ever-changing tech landscape.

Responsive checkout for all devices

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Activating your new responsive-friendly code is simple.

In your SearchFit admin, go to Settings → Configure Per User → Generation. Change the new setting “HTML Output” to “Version 2 (HTML Divs based)“. This is now the first setting under Generation.

This setting changes how SearchFit outputs some elements. Previous elements that were output in tables will be output in div tags with classes, and although it is not immediately responsive, it will allow developers to easily update your website to become fully responsive.

Activating the responsive checkout is just as easy.

In your SearchFit admin, go to Settings → Configure Per User → Checkout. Change the new setting “Checkout Version” to “Version 2 (Responsive)“. This is now the first setting under Checkout.

This setting will change the output of the checkout. Although the checkout will continue to use the same Top and Bottom Templates and the same CSS, the checkout contents will be completely new and fully responsive by default. Because the templates will be the same, developers may need to make changes to the existing templates to accommodate the new responsiveness, styling and scripting.

Contact your account representative if you want to start combining this new feature with SearchFit’s mobile dedicated solution.