Advanced SEO

Search engine optimization is still a major factor for long term success of an ecommerce site. A well optimized ecommerce site can drive organic traffic with higher conversion rates from more profitable categories. For larger ecommerce sites, adding customization on page optimization can be a daunting task. With SearchFit’s Advanced SEO Naming Rules, a website manager can utilize the content from the category and product database by placing specific attributes in key areas such as webpage names, page titles, image names and more for every type of page. These rules can be applied to all category pages, product pages and customs pages that SearchFit publishes.

With careful planning, an ecommerce manager can create rules that apply category attributes for every category level. The Advanced SEO Naming Rules can automate meta content, category image names, webpage names and more. There are special fields and additional category name fields that can be applied in different areas giving an ecommerce site comprehensive on page optimization for each category page. New rules can be set for each type of page from custom pages such as the home page, to category pages, to product pages to manufacture pages. Although smaller ecommerce sites can still use these tools, large website managers take full advantage of the automation.

There is no substitute for sound keyword research, but time saving tools applying choice terms throughout an ecommerce site become extremely useful. Applying product specifications placed in key database fields and utilizing category content throughout a site gives search engines the data it needs to start ranking a page and people the information they need to click on your site.

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