Automatic XML Sitemaps

When properly structured, Automatic XML Sitemaps allow search engines to crawl through a list of pages that the site publishes. A couple of factors contribute to help search engines more intelligently crawl websites: how important each type of page is to the website, how often a particulate page should change and when it was last updated all to more intelligently crawl the site. XML Sitemaps are particularly important for large ecommerce sites because it lists each page URL in a format that search engines can quickly read. Additionally, because ecommerce sites can change content extremely frequently, XML sitemaps provide a quick way to let search engines know about newly published product pages, or category pages, etc. In turn, XML Sitemaps give pages an opportunity to be indexed in a faster and more efficient manner. XML Sitemaps can be submitted to search engines and is recommended for all sites especially newly published ecommerce sites since they will likely have very few inbound links and less of a chance to be discovered by a mainstream search engine.

SearchFit automatically publishes a proper XML Sitemap each time the site is published.  With a few settings, an eCommerce site manager can set up the XML Sitemap and link to it properly from a robots.txt file creating fundamentally sound on-site SEO. There is no need for an additional script or to manually create and update an XML Sitemap.

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