Intelligent 301 Redirects

Building redirects is a crucial part of eCommerce website maintenance. Maintenance of your Search Engine Results Page (SERP), traffic and inbound link benefits and redirecting discontinued products and outdated category pages is necessary. But, creating redirects takes time, management and can affect your site’s overall load time.

With SearchFit’s Intelligent 301 Redirects, the merchant will have the added benefit of the following features:

  • SearchFit automatically creates a 301 redirect for your deactivated products. It then redirects traffic to their pant category page. When category pages are deactivated, a 301 redirect is created directing traffic to the next category level.
  • With this SearchFit feature, the merchant has the ability to choose which follow up product SearchFit will use to redirect traffic to, instead of the default parent category. This can be extremely helpful for any retailer whose products are constantly being replaced.
  • The SearchFit generated redirects are placed at the server level and will load faster than the normal .htaccess page, where redirects are generally placed. When a site has been operating for many years, the product turn-over becomes substantial. This will create a large .htaccess page which would slow the site to a certain degree. When every millisecond counts in the competitive ecommerce world, technical advantages like this can make a difference.

When running an ecommerce business, time is precious; with SearchFit automatic redirects merchants can save time and money. By creating the 301’s you keep the traffic flowing to your site and generating revenue.  Best of all, there are no settings to manage, SearchFit will take care of it.

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