SEO Naming Rules

Although the landscape of the Internet changes and the tactics to drive sales evolve, Search Engine Optimization continues to be a significant area for any eCommerce website. Whether starting a small, venture or migrating a large enterprise site to a new platform, setting a sound fundamental base for SEO is paramount. SearchFit’s SEO Naming Rules allow website owners to pull key data from the product database into the necessary and most common SEO’d fields of a page.

SearchFit offers many innovative features that are included with our SEO naming rules:

  • SearchFit SEO gives the merchant the ability to utilize many database fields from the category, product, and manufacturer content to produce an automated and consistent SEO structure that is applied throughout a vendor’s site. The information with which the vendor has populated their database, such as Manufacturer Part Numbers, Product Names, Manufacturer Names, Sizes, Colors and many other types of data, allows SearchFit to place that information in key areas. These key areas may include: Product Webpage Names, Meta Data, Image Names, etc., these will help build SEO on your page. For example, the vendor may want to build a product Webpage Name with the Manufacturer + Part Number combination; the vendor could then use a variation of this information in your Meta Title creating the keyword frequency that meets their needs.
  • The vendor will have the ability to Automate Meta content, URLs, and product names for all category, product and manufacture and custom pages. Once their rules are set up for each page type, SearchFit will apply them.
  • We understand the need for customization; our SEO Naming Rules give the vendor the room to create unique custom content at every level. If a vendor needs a page that requires SEO different from the rules for that page type, then they can overwrite the rules with other content at the same page level.

SearchFit’s innovative SEO naming rules provide your website with a powerful tool that will help vendors lay the groundwork for creating smarter and more thoughtful SEO for every page on their website.

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