HTML/CSS Template System

Some shopping cart platforms require advanced template customizations, but are hindered by the limitations of most ecommerce software. SearchFit allows for many types of custom HTML and CSS templating for ecommerce sites that require a high level of involvement, development time and customization. Ecommerce site developers can create templates and CSS sheets for individual categories and custom pages and set unique product templates at the category level. This type of freedom allows developers, designers and merchants the ability to showcase different types of products in a variety of ways.

Each type of template can be assigned to the entire site within the general settings or assigned at the category or page level to override the site-wide templates. Once a new template is created, it can be applied with a simple setting change which allows developers the ability to toggle between templates to accommodate special promotions or seasonal changes. Unique CSS sheets can also be created and applied just as easily either with the site-wide settings or at the category or custom page level. Templates can be assigned to specific users that can publish websites. For store owners who need to publish multiple websites from a single shopping cart, they can set up templates that apply to individual websites creating a unique presentation for each site.

Although SearchFit’s templating system is well suited for intricate websites with a wide product offering, it can also be simplified for smaller boutique sites selling a select set of products. Once the templates are created and set, for a smaller site minor updates to the html or style sheets are simple.

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