Mega Menus

Choosing between using an auto-updated menu or a hardcoded menu, can be a difficult decision for a development team. Each has its advantages and disadvantages unique to each shopping cart platform. While a single auto-generated menu may update categories as they become active or inactive, there may not be the flexibility to show unique content within each category’s menu. Additionally, while a custom menu gives developers complete freedom to show anything they need, it would likely require regular updates as categories become active or inactive. Some shopping cart platforms make this decision simple by requiring the developer to use a predefined menu structure.  SearchFit allows developers the freedom to choose either method or combine both.

The SearchFit Mega Menu system gives developers the control to create a single Mega Menu that includes all categories or the ability to create multiple unique menus that have operate like a large mega menu but use a different layout, show unique content, or only include specified categories. Because the menu system gives developers the ability to create different menus, developers can apply different menus to different templates with the same site or on different sites to which that the cart publishes.

SearchFit’s Mega Menu offers such flexibility, developers can showcase products, banners and other types of content throughout their ecommerce site.

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