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With the emergence of the Internet there has been an increased amount of importance placed on text rather than spoken language. The primary method of communication of businesses is no longer phone communication but rather email communication. Businesses should consider their audiences when communicating in order to have better practices. Furthermore, a lot of business are completely unaware of the fact that email marketing is the most inexpensive method for retaining customers and gaining potential buyers. By using email marketing, business owners can directly remind their customers that they remember them and that they value them as a customer. There are a number of different strategies that can improve email marketing!

The Basics:

Remembering the basics for email marketing is rather important. Having a clear subject line and having content that is providing value to your customers is important. Make sure to have a professional salutation and to provide a signature at the end of your email to give your customers a personal touch. Also don’t assume your customers know what you are talking about in your email as they are not dealing with your products on a day- to-day basis. Make sure to spell out the basics as customers are not always aware of your product or services. They need reminding! Furthermore, don’t forget to proof read and reply to any response emails quickly and promptly.

Rewarding Loyal Customers:

The most important part of your eCommerce business is making sure to reward your loyal customers and retain their business. Having contact with your customers from time to time keeps the customer relationship strong and ensures they are engaging with your brand. One positive way to achieve engagement with customers is to create an automated reward system via email. Those customers who have earned milestones in purchasing will feel that they are appreciated and will want to keep coming back.

Manage Brand Reputation:

Managing your brand reputation is a positive way to use your email marketing. Asking customers to leave product reviews on your website or social website can help for your brand name to more recognized and becoming established in people’s mind. Creating a regular email marketing and social media strategy it will help people recall your product when they are thinking of purchasing a product. Having social feedback from customers can help

Supporting Your Sales

Emailing marketing is not only for you to retain and gain new customers, but it also is important for you to keep in touch with the orders that are placed. Sending emails for tracking and important notes for monthly events or thank you notes. Sending order confirmations and tracking emails improves the customer experience. Improving a customer’s experience will lead to loyalty and have them return to your eCommerce website. Remembering that your email marketing is your opportunity to place a personal relationship with your customer is very important.


Ashish Magar

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