SearchFit Spotlight: Product Reviews and Coupons

Understanding the unique features of your eCommerce shopping cart is important to making smart business decisions to better sell your products online. Here we hope to provide some understanding of some of the unique features that Searchfit has to offer!  In particular in this post we will be talking about Product Reviews and Coupons. The ability to effectively use these two features can help drive sales for your business and create a community for your online business.

Product Reviews

Creating unique content and helping customers make the right purchase are two very related challenges for every eCommerce manager. Most eCommerce managers understand that compelling content can help drive organic traffic and increase eCommerce conversion rate. By allowing customers to review products, you are enabling customers to create high quality content on an eCommerce website. The content created from Product Reviews is unique; search engines love it and customers actually use it to help them to make purchasing decisions. Genuine product reviews are often trusted the same as personal recommendations by shoppers, so in turn, a website that has a substantial amount of genuine product reviews has more built-in for shoppers.

Right out of the box, SearchFit includes a Product Review feature that can be added to any product template. Short ratings can be shown on both product detail pages and category pages and detailed customer written product reviews shown on product pages. Comments to each review can also be activated to allow users to start a dialog about the product.

Combined with SearchFit’s emailing and coupon systems, Product Review requests can be emailed to customers with a coupon thanking them for the review at any interval after the product has shipped. This is another great way to engage customers again, generate unique content and help steer future customers in the right direction.


Many eCommerce platforms offer the fundamental ability to create coupons. The challenge that many eCommerce marketers face is customizing the coupon criteria to meet their specific needs. The SearchFit coupon system allows eFommerce marketers the freedom to tailor and customize coupons in many different ways. The sophisticated coupon settings allow marketers and managers many freedoms, but here is a list of the primary things a marketer can do:

  • Create coupons for multiple SearchFit sites from a single admin panel.
  • Create coupons for all customers or for only website Members.
  • Coupons can be applied to entire sites, per manufacturer, per category or to individual products.
  • Coupons can be set to activate and expire on specified dates.
  • Set an email alert when the number of coupons remaining reaches a specified number.
  • Coupons be work with other discounts or be restricted from other discounts.
  • Coupons can add products to an order based on criteria and give a discount on the additional product.

The list goes on from here. The couponing system gives eCommerce marketers and managers a wide range of freedom to offer specific or broad discounts.


Ashish Magar

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