SearchFit Spotlight: Customer Subscriptions

It is often discouraging for a customer to go to a website only to find that the product they searched for and added to their cart is out-of-stock. It is perhaps even more disheartening to an eCommerce manager to know that their hard-earned traffic has left without making a purchase because a product has sold out. SearchFit’s Customer Subscriptions lets eCommerce managers and marketers stay in touch with customers who want to know when out–of-stock products become available.

When the feature is enabled and used with SearchFit’s Inventory Control Systems, it replaces the “Buy” button on out-of-stock items with a “Notify-Me” button that allows customers to receive an automated email that notifies them as the product becomes available. SearchFit can be configured to send an email to the customer when the product becomes available, or a list of customer subscribers can be exported and used by just about any email service provider giving eCommerce marketing teams a valuable fountain of information. This information can also be used by eCommerce managers and purchasing agents to better understand customer demand for out-of-stock items.

This powerful feature gives eCommerce managers another touch point with which to engage potential customers, an opportunity to convert sales on currently out-of-stock products, the ability to build a community and foster greater customer loyalty.


Ashish Magar

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