SearchFit Spotlight: Follow Up Products

SearchFit Spotlight: Follow up products

Showing discontinued products without redirecting customers can create a bad user experience. Customers landing on discontinued product pages are more likely to become frustrated and bounce from the site. Additionally, creating individual redirects for products that regularly become discontinued, or are highly seasonal such as apparel items, can be a time consuming task for an eCommerce department. SearchFit allows website managers to simply identify replacement or follow up products to automatically redirect customers to.

Follow up product windowThis simple feature allows eCommerce managers to enter a sku or browse through the site’s product offering to set the follow up product.  Once the follow up product is set, a redirect is created and customers will be automatically re-directed from the old product to the new, follow up product.

The follow up product features saves time, retains visitors and maintains SEO. Ecommerce managers save time by eliminating the need to create 301 redirects for each discontinued product. And, customers are offered current, available products increasing the opportunity to convert a sale. SearchFit created a proper 301 redirect for the outdated product, any page rank for the product is correctly maintained.


Ashish Magar

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