SearchFit Spotlight: Automatic Image Resizing

Ecommerce sites need multiple image sizes and variations to showcase a single product. Websites at least need a big image on the product page, a smaller image on a category page, a large image to zoom into details, and tiny and thumbnail sized images for smaller views plus, additional images to showcase different product views.

SearchFit cuts down time and saves money by automatically resizing a large image into all of the smaller image sizes.

With the auto image resizing feature there is no need to resize five different product image sizes, plus multiple additional image sizes. After a few settings adjustments, an ecommerce developer or website manager can set all product image size dimensions including additional product images and product option images.

Whether a products images are imported in bulk or individually, they will be automatically resized according to the settings allowing web developers and managers the freedom to only upload a single product, additional or option image.

Gabe Garcia

Gabe Garcia

Since 2008, Gabe Garcia has been serving various roles at Searchfit from SEO practitioner, eCommerce and SEM campaign manager, and project manager. Prior to this experience, he marketed international micro-financial tools and money transfer services to Latin American governments and organizations. In his spare time, he enjoys 26 mile runs, endurance sports and other various painful sporting events such as golf.

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