SearchFit Spotlight Feature: Intelligent Product Groups

SearchFit’s Intelligent Product Groups allow a merchant to automatically (or manually) create and manage different groupings of items that can then be displayed in many parts of a merchant’s eCommerce site. Merchants utilizing automated intelligent product groups guarantee themselves consistently fresh content without having to move a muscle.

For example, a merchant could insert an intelligent product group that always shows the five newest items in a specific category. Or, a merchant may choose to always have the top selling items on their homepage. Perhaps a merchant wishes to feature the top rated items for each category on the applicable category page. All of these scenarios can be implemented so that SearchFit intelligently controls which products are included in these groups based on the merchant’s criteria, they never have to be updated manually ever again.

There are a lot of situations however in which a merchant wishes to personally curate groups of items and requires a more finite control over which products appear in which groups. A merchant can use the intelligent product groups to promote or boost certain products manually as well. This process can be done in moments by visually editing a product group and publishing to the site. Manually controlling product groups has endless opportunities to increase revenue for a merchant by presenting the specific products to customers that a merchant wishes them to see. Examples of this functionality can be seen with groups like “editor’s picks”, “spring fashion”, “clearance items” etc…

Another common application is to show the customer dynamic groups like ‘recently viewed’, ‘other customers al purchased’, or ‘recently purchased’ items. These features can help upsell during checkout by adding these product displays.

The intelligent product groups can help improve and nurture a relationship with your clients. By assigning discounts to product groups and building promotional product groups, you can increase the marketing ability of your website. You can also create a Discount of Type applied per Group of Products on the Marketing Discounts screen and assign it to a Product Group.

SearchFit offers many intelligent product groups that can help meet your different needs. We include the following product groups: Customers Also Bought Recently, View Products Best Selling, Products by Quantity, Best Selling Products by Revenue, Best Selling Products By Profit, Most Recent Products, Top Ranked Products/Best Customer Rating, Most Ranked Products, Most Profitable Products, Products on Sale. Additionally, you are able to create a unique product template.


Ashish Magar

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