eCommerce Site Design: Dynamic Cart, Custom Template Code, and Image Resizing

Ecommerce site design is one of the most important aspects to gain confidence from your ecommerce customer. The most shocking statistic is that 59% of consumers globally would rather interact with content that is beautifully and purposefully designed even when they are short on time. In fact, 57.7% of small to medium sized businesses are intending to invest in a new website look or design.

While there are many ideas for ecommerce websites available online that have been proven effective in providing conversions, there are basic elements for practical ecommerce site design that all companies should consider. First, a company should hire an ecommerce website designer that understands the company’s vision and purpose.  Secondly, if the project is to rebuild an existing website, consider what aspects of the website that may need to most attention.

For example, current bounce rate may be too high, or current cart abandonment may be too high, or add to cart rates are too low. Also consider some technical aspects of the site such as page load time and responsiveness. After identifying areas needing major improvement, include these areas in the primary focus of the site design. Remember that one second of page load time is said to drop 27% of sales.

Furthermore, while mobile friendly sites should be fundamental only 11.7 % of the top 100 websites are optimized for responsiveness. The new ecommerce design should make it as easy as possible for your customers to convert a transaction, while remaining stylish and inviting.

SearchFit offers fantastic ecommerce site design features that can improve the overall look, feel and most importantly credibility of a website. The dynamic cart summary is simple to install and style, and creates a simple list of products that have been added to the shopping cart.  When 47% of traffic is spent looking at researching new products, customers need a user friendly way to make sure they are completing their shopping list.

When designing any website, the user experience is the most challenging to get exactly right. Adding this feature makes it possible for ecommerce customers to easily see exactly what is present in their cart while they are still shopping. The dynamic cart summary can be implemented to be accessed from the main website at any time and, yet, unobtrusive to the customer while they are shopping.

Another important aspect of designing your ecommerce website is having the ability to use many different types of custom HTML and CSS templates that allow for the customer to create and development custom site designs. Personalization matters on websites and is said to heavily increase click-traffic when a website is personalized.

Once a template is created, it can be assigned to any category or page level.  The flexible templating system is designed for websites that offer a wide variety of products that require different product page or category layouts, however can also be simplified for smaller boutique like places.

The brain, according to marketing industry influencer Krista Neher, is able to process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. Pictures can really make quite the first impression with users visiting any website, but especially ecommerce sites.  Nearly 8 out of 10 users will stop engaging with a website if the picture or content does not display well on their device.

Searchfit offers automatic image resizing which helps cut down the development time by a significant amount and gives developers control over product image sizes.  When uploading bulk images SearchFit will automatically create all the necessary images sizes based on the rules set by the developer.

Whether the site design is aiming to create custom visuals and iconography or add animation, the web designer should make sure that the design features are helping users complete sales and transactions effortlessly.  Ecommerce site design can be a pain in the neck if the tools are not present to make the process a lot easier. The tools at SearchFit make a huge difference in terms of development time. Don’t forget that design is still a critical part of the ecommerce process and customers will notice the change.


Ashish Magar

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