Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform: Competitor Comparison

When shopping for an eCommerce platform one of the most important considerations a company should have is what ecommerce solution is right for their business. Understanding all of the features of various companies can help make that decision.  In this article I will review SearchFit’s Multi-Store platform, but most importantly highlight how Volusion features don’t quite provide the same service in comparison.

Multi-Store Platform: Competitor Comparison

One of the main advantages that SearchFit’s platform provides is the multi-store feature. With SearchFit’s innovative software, you are able to publish multiple websites from a single administrator panel, personalize many aspects of each store, and control your administrative users’ access for each published site.

The ability to publish multiple websites from a single product database allows store owners to target niche markets, carve out special offerings from their products, or publish Dealer Only websites.  This can be important if you want to try different marketing tactics when you are featuring the same product on two different websites. The features that are available to you as a customer of SearchFit are:

  • Custom SEO rules for each website
  • Per store user administrative access and rules
  • Per store templates
  • Per store currency
  • Per store product pricing and content
  • Publish to multiple domain names
  • Publish multiple websites from a single product database

Setting up  your shopping cart with SearchFit allows the retailor to expand their potential for having success in their online business ventures such as: publish a new website with a new domain to target niche markets with a segment of your product offering, create a password protected Dealer Only website where dealers could see their specific dealer pricing and product offerings, and extend marketing efforts to target different buyer behaviors by publishing multiple websites with different templates and colors to appeal to separated buyer profiles.

Searchfit is one of the only shopping cart platforms that offers this ability. For example, Volusion’s site set is a solid, fundamental offering, however, does not include the ability to publish multiple websites from a single admin panel.

SearchFit allows customers to have more control with their multi-store platform and specificity to their shopping cart features and needs. In comparison to the mulit-store features that SearchFit has the Volusion admin does not provide the same type of control. The Volusion software will make the customer purchase separate stores and does not offer sub stores based on a single store.

Deciding what features are right for your business is important. Having the ability to open up niche stores based off the same products from platform is a good option to have to expand business in the future even if that is not on your horizon currently.


Ashish Magar

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