Ecommerce Advertising: Snapchat Ready for Your Brand?

Social Media is teeming with enormous opportunities for the marketers to showcase their brands extensively. Among the continually growing social media platforms, Snapchat is certainly one of the most buzzing ones.

Snapchat Marketing

It might not be as old as Facebook, still, Snapchat always comes up with extraordinary surprises for its users. The technologically upgraded and striking features of Snapchat mesmerized the hearts of people over the years.

Talking about a bunch of the most startling attributes of Snapchat, it lets its users curate stories of their own, filter the pictures, upgrade their work with various remarkable additions and so on.

Moreover, these perks of Snapchat are enticing the e-commerce marketers to make their marketing strategies sharper and crisper. Well, as the e-commerce industry is booming nowadays, it is quite evident for the marketers to get attracted towards such a popular platform.

So, if you are onto any e-commerce brand, this fact shouldn’t be an uncommon one for you. Right?

Yes? Then, you are already lagging behind. Catch the train before it’s too late!

A Statistical Proof: Why should your brand go for Snapchat Marketing?

Take a sneak-peak of the following astounding stats about snapchat which prove that it is an incredible social media marketing platform for the e-commerce bands.

  • Snapchat is a proud owner of 200 millions of monthly users.
  • This well-known app has a user percentage of 60% among the younger demographics with the age range of 12-24. Also, e-commerce is a popular shopping approach for the youngsters. Hence, marketers can certainly touch the right chord with Snapchat.
  • 100 millions of daily users!
  • Snapchat acquired more users than Twitter and gained the same popularity in just one year which Twitter was able to attain in long 4 years.
  • 76% of Snapchat users prefer to shop online.

All in all, it’s because of the immense level of sensitivity and ingenious standard of Snapchat, it is creating such an imperative scenario for the marketers.

Perks of Using Snapchat Marketing

I don’t want to stick to only these amazing statistics about Snapchat. You ought to know the direct benefits that your brand will relish if it opts for snapchat as a social media marketing platform. Right?

So, here are the magical rewards of snapchat for e-commerce:

  • A high extent of user engagement will be possible.
  • The relevant and substantial content can be categorized systematically.
  • Brands are easily able to communicate with the users and ask them to send their reviews or answer to any of their queries.
  • A keen idea of what users are thinking about your products or services.
  • Curate one of a kind contents for the elite customers.
  • Snapchat can help you to become a daily relaying brand which is always up-to-date with its updates and new launches.

Snap Store

How to make your ads like magnets for the Snapchat users?

You might think that alluring your customers would be quite a critical task with this app which publishes your content and even vanishes it. Well, the fact is true, but that is where lies the right tactic!

You need to know about the actionable interruption factor. All that you have to do is showcase the exciting features of your business in such a way that the captivation plays a significant role. It will divert the attention of the users and let them head towards your products.

How to advertise content on Snapchat?

When it comes to the advertising approaches of Snapchat, it is definitely not a tough one! All that it will take for you is to keep the three V’s in mind- video, vertical, and views. You, as a brand, can showcase your ads vertically, as your content will be visible on the full screen of the users. The vertical videos let snapchat earn 9 times greater rate of completion than the traditional horizontal ones.

There’s a possibility for the brands to even easily go for live stories through the by default advertising feature of Snapchat. Also, thanks to the Discover section of the app, the number of ads visible to the users tend to be up to a tolerable and appreciable extent.

Now, let’s understand how perfect is snapchat for your e-commerce brand

Yes! Snapchat is certainly one of the most effective social media marketing platforms. Still, it might not be a potential one for each and every business. As I mentioned before, Snapchat is all about the millennials.

The maximum age limit of the users of snapchat is no more than 34. So, if you think that your target audience belongs to such age groups, certainly snapchat is an irreplaceable mode of marketing for you. Otherwise, it is not your cup of tea!

If your business works on a B2C model, snapchat seems to be an excellent marketing platform. It’s because of such a reason, snapchat proves to be a flawless place for the companies which desire to publish contents with value or those who have to deal with consumer goods.

Over to You

No doubt, Snapchat has been always going hand on hand with e-commerce for years. Additionally, with the rise of snapcash, the factual function of monetization has been even portrayed. So, if you think that your brand can really go up to the next level with snapchat advertising, just make a move soon!


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