Etail Solutions and SearchFit are Joining Forces

SearchFit is happy to announce that we are integrating our existing eCommerce Solution Software with Etail.  Etail is an integrated platform that is true end-to end integration of sales and supply chains that make managing orders and inventory a pain of the past.  The platform can build your business with proven blueprints and tools that drive growth. This new partnership will help build more robust infrastructure to provide a system proven to create bigger growth and bring more of your eCommerce needs into a single integrated platform.

The collaboration will eliminate the need to go to many different platforms and resources to get all your eCommerce tools. eCommerce sales in this day and age are about utilizing many different channels to grow a business. Many clients don’t have the information and or blueprints to effectively make an ecommerce business grow. The software integration will work with SearchFit’s software to match up sku’s and information from a product feed. It will automate repetitive tasks and updating lists from the supplier inventory.  This tool will make the customer competitive, because it makes it simpler to inventory manage, streamline order management, and super charge listing management.

The new system will have integrated dynamic repricing, automated catalog integration, supplier profitability analysis, intelligent sourcing, dynamic auto-matching, and full PO automation. Dynamic repricing is a tool that is used to change the price of your products to stay competitive in the current market. According to Etail, “you only make money when you buy and fulfill smarter than the other guy.” Using the supplier profitability analysis, you will be able to do just that. Just think about all the time that will be saved not having to run any of these tasks manually.

We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to hearing all the success stories from our SearchFit customers about how this new integration is helping expand their selling capabilities.


Ashish Magar

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