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After you have configured your basic TaxJar configurations, you can proceed to more advanced settings. These are not necessary for a retailers. They are only needed if you are selling products that require different tax rates or need to set special tax rates for special customers.

If you are looking for the basic TaxJar instructions, go here.

More Advanced Tax Configurations

Currently, a TaxJar Customer Id can be assigned to a Searchfit Member within the Searchfit admin panel. This code will allow TaxJar to return a unique tax rate for this Member. To set this code in Searchfit, go to Marketing > Members.

Then search for the Member.

Click Edit on the Member you need to add the code to.

Select Change member Properties from the “Choices” menu in the upprt right corner.

Then add the code to the the TaxJar Customer Id field and click Update.



If you need to assign a TaxJar Tax Code to specific products, you can assign them via the admin panel or via product import. Some products may be taxed at a different rate within the same nexus as other products. This code will allow you to charge the correct tax amount in these situations.

To assign this code via the Searchfit admin panel, edit a product that you need to assign the code to.

Select the Miscellaneous item from the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Add the code to the TaxJar Tax Code field:



Then click Update.

If you need to update multiple products, you can import these tax codes via the Advanced Product Properties Import. To get a list of TaxJar product tax codes, go here

To read more about importing product attributes and using the Advanced Product Properties Import tool, read this article.