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Using TaxJar requires two activations:

  1. Activate a TaxJar account at TaxJar.com.
  2. Activate the TaxJar connection within your Searchfit cart.

Once you have created a TaxJar account and configured all of your TaxJar settings, you can easily connect your account to your Searchfit cart.

  1. Go to Settings > Sales Tax Processors and select TaxJar from the dropdown menu in the center of the page:
  2. Set the “TaxJar environment” setting to either “Sandbox ” or “Live”.
  3. Enter the TaxJar API Token in the next setting. TaxJar provides two API Tokens. One key is for a Sandbox environment and one is for a Live Production Environment. Make sure to enter the correct corresponding key in this field. The Key should match your “TaxJar environment” setting.
  4. Enter a “TaxJar Default Item Code” if you need to; this is optional. Tax codes are provided by TaxJar and trigger tax rates for each of your Nexus’. If this field is populated, each product without a unique tax code will use this code. Later in this process, you will have the ability to set tax codes at the product level if you need to use different codes.
  5. Enter a “TaxJar Default Customer Code” if you need to; this is optional. TaxJar can create unique tax codes that can be assigned to each of your customers or a single tax code that can be applied to all customers. The tax codes are used to trigger tax exempt actions within your TaxJar account. In cases where all of your customers can use a single tax code, you can enter it in this field.
  6. The setting “Create Invoice on Creating Order” will create a full record of each transaction within your TaxJar account that will track refunds.
  7. Click the Update button to activate and save these settings. Then immediately go to Step 8.
  8. The “Sync TaxJar Nexuses” will pull each Nexus that you have created in your Taxjar account into your Searchfit cart. The purpose of this is to optimize your integration and minimize your costs. Only orders that are shipping to one of your Nexuses will request a tax rate from TaxJar.You will see the sync’d Nexuses immediately below this setting.
  9. You can test your connection with the “Test Connection” button.
  10. When you are complete, click the “Update” button again.


When you activate a Tax Processor in Searchfit such as TaxJar, ALL previous Searchfit tax settings become ignored. For example, Tax Exempt settings within a Member profile and Tax on Shipping within the Configure Per User settings become ignored. The settings within your Tax Process will accommodate taxes for tax exempt customers and shipping. However, these settings must be configured within your Tax Processor account. To accommodate tax exempt Members, see the article on Advanced TaxJar Configurations.

TaxJar allows for ‘Sandbox’ mode so you can test your integration. To use it, set the “TaxJar environment” setting to “Sandox”. Also, use the “Sandbox” API from TaxJar. When you are ready to go live, update your “TaxJar environment” setting to “Live” and replace your API Token with the live, production Key from TaxJar. TaxJar provides two API Tokens: one for “Sandbox” and one for “Production”. Make sure you are using the correct one during testing and live production.

For more advanced tax configurations and settings, read this article.