10 Must Have Features for Shoppers


10 Must Have Features for Shoppers

1. Sales/ Deals of the Day

The word sale is a girls best friend. Highlighting special offers and sales to a customer can drive sales on your website. Having “Deals of the Day” will give your loyal shoppers the reminder to constantly check back to your website to view deals.

2. Shipping Deals

Customers are often in a hurry or are shopping for a specific event; If shipping estimates are not clearly stated, they will most likely go to another website with that will give estimates. Unfortunately, people tend to wait until the last minute to buy important things, so this can be make or break to a sale.

3. User Generated Content

When making purchasing decisions relying on your community to help make decisions is often what customers do. By being able to see reviews and comments about each product shoppers will be aided by others to follow through on their purchase. Seeing a high number of reviews and comments ensures to the shopper that your product is a trusted product.

4. Contact Information/Live Chat

There is nothing more frustrating than when being on a website and you are unable to contact the company itself to get assistance or ask a question. By having a direct contact method, you maybe be able to save the sales that just needed a question answered.

5. Bare Basics

Having the bare bones essentials may sound redundant, but some eCommerce websites are still not providing the basics for their customers. Having a product title, image, and an Add to Cart button is very important for your shopper to be able to purchase the product. Having product details that include the dimensions will also help to reassure your customers of their purchase. This includes having easy to access and navigable options for your customers to allow them to browse the website.

6. Availability

Having a real-time availability for your products is one of the most important aspects of owning an eCommerce business. Individuals do not want to go through the hassle of shopping and adding things to their basket only to find out that they are unable to purchase when they try and check out.

7. Payment Methods

Having secure and a variety of different payment methods for your customers can affect their decision to purchase your product. Placing easy to view accepted payment methods on your site may dispel any confusion amongst shoppers. This is analogous to the payment methods stickers in storefront windows. International pricing is also another feature that is essential for your online customers in this global economy. Having to convert the cost for customers could drive them away from completing the purchase.

8. Return Policy

If customers are not aware of your return policy, they may be likely to opt out of making a purchase. Making this policy very transparent and easy to understand will help your customers to make a purchase with you. No one wants to take the risk of buying a product and then it not being the size they expected.

9. Size Guide

Having a size guide available if you run a clothing eCommerce store is very important. Unfortunately, sizes can vary from brand to brand. By showing the exact measurements, customers can then save time by ordering the correct size the first time.

10. Amazing Features

Being able to see the product as a video is the new trend online. Sometimes viewing the product in that format can help the shopper make a decision. For example, seeing the product on a runway can add some glamour to the product. 360 Views of the product is another option to help portray the product more effectively. This can highlight small details on the product that would be hard to see otherwise.


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