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Social media sharing buttons are one of the most important aspects of your website. This can be a gateway for business to connect to their consumers. Sometimes marketing can seem like a tedious job that involves marketing to a high number of individuals who may or not appreciate or find the value in your product. This may make businesses feel like you are aimlessly casting your line into a huge pond waiting for something to bite.

Once your customers have made a purchase on your site, they are more likely to share the product on their social media websites. According to Pew Research, 84% of users are connected through a social media website, which means there is more of an audience for your product. The spread of information that is available through social media isn’t just restricted to social content, but also to products that are liked and promoted by individuals in your network.

A major bonus to having users connect their purchases to their social media, is the ability of them to share the products with their friends and family. This creates a new sense of brand, awareness that is an invaluable benefit to your products promotion. The more individuals who are able to identify and want your brand the more they will promote your product and share with individuals with similar shopping preferences.

Strategists say that social media buttons should be a crucial part of your website and is a means of improving the overall user experience. Social media can be a double edged sword that cuts both ways for companies. When a website is receiving poor traffic and negative reviews it can back fire on your company as well because it gives individuals the opportunity to believe that the site may be untrustworthy or the product is lacking. Furthermore, not all social media platforms are appropriate for every single industry; using the appropriate platform that extenuates the positives of your business is important.

Having the correct social media strategy that connects and establishes relationships with your targeted demographic can have positive economic implications and improve your companies image. If your social media page is lacking a community and or interest from your demographic it may be time to consider taking a different approach or strategy that best suits your business or industry.

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Ashish Magar

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