The Art of Selling Online


The word ‘sale’ can raise the heartbeat of just about any online-shopping enthusiast. But how do you make your E-commerce website have a successful sale? Understanding the art of the sale is essential to making your first “sale” on your website successful. The art of the sale stems back many decades ago and the modern salesmanship concept originated for the most part in America.

The first companies who started manufacturing in large quantities in the 1880’s were some familiar brands that are still visible today like Coca-Cola and Wrigley’s Chewing Gum (Harvard Business School). These early companies were successful because of the aggressive salesmanship, which was characteristic of the American economy. Currently, however, business is no longer the art of the salesman, but the art of marketing and efficient online transactions. Since the customer no longer has the pushy sales person in their face, it is harder for them to push their agenda on a customer. Needless to say an effective E-commerce strategy can help you generate more sales.

Have a Clear Idea of Who Your Target Customers are:

Understanding your target customers is very important to generating sales. Connecting with users on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter can identify your target audience for selling your goods. Crafting the ideal status updates, leverage, and marketing concepts can really drive your audience to visit your Ecommerce site. This is the concept that you must regulate your reputation with the right customers. Having your customers talking about your product on their social networking.

Search Engine Marketing:

Standing out on Google shopping or comparative search engines can make your products more accessible to users who are looking for your product. Including Search Engine Optimization can be can be the holy grail in your internet marketing to making your product successfully sold online. Having the correct AdWords and keywords for your product can expedite this processes.

Public Relations:

Understanding Internet PR can be a tedious task in making a sale successful. The most important thing is getting a press release out that shows how newsworthy your sale is and how great your products are. Standing out from the crowd is the most important aspect of this part of venture because you want your customers to understand how unique and important your product is. Having product reviews by customers can be a benefit to your sale as it helps increase brand awareness and trustworthiness. This is the same concept as word-of-mouth is just like your neighbor telling you about a great product. Having an influencer like a celebrity or a popular internet user can help push your product to the forefront.

Content Marketing and Paid Ads

Content marketing is important to gaining a broader audience for you to expand your brand. Doing guest blog posts or being featured on a website that is in your industry can make a world of a difference in having an effective sale. Starting your own blog is also a way to increase your voice and serves as an impetus for customers to go to your site and make a purchase. Furthermore, creating an email list where you can distribute your content is important for your product to go viral. The concept of viral marketing is what will make your product and brand stick with customers. Although paid marketing, pay for click or advertisements, may feel like you are taking the easy route, but it is one of the most effective ways to get those eyes balls looking at your product. Just make sure your spending doesn’t outweigh the benefits of your cost per acquisition.

Offer Your products at a competitive price

The most important part of the sale is the competitive price. Having a competitive price is what drives customers to choose your product out of the plethora of options they experience on the way to finding your product. The price is what ultimately sways customers to choosing your brand. Offering a coupon or promo code on top of your competitive price can really convince customers to buy your product. This can also be in the form of a free shipping

Overall the art of sale is having the customer see your product at exactly the moment they need that product. Have you ever noticed that amazon.com suddenly will email you about a product after you searched for it? By using tracking cookies to their advantage, they are able to lure you back in to complete the purchase. Taking pointers from successful businesses can help you mirror your Ecommerce business online and having a successful sale.


Ashish Magar

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