Logos: A Brand Identity

Whether you are a sports company or a sports team, a logo speaks a lot for your brand. Be it a team like New York Giants or a sports good company like Nike, a majority of your audience can recognize you, just by looking at the logo. As such, it becomes extremely important that your sports logo is just perfect.

Perhaps the importance of logo can be glazed by the fact that it goes with most of the marketing material and brand identities that a company has. Now, everyone wants to make their logo attractive, isn’t it? But at times people overlook some factor and as such the logo created does not convey the intended meaning. So, here are some tips that would definitely help you to create that perfect logo design.

Proper Research is Must

Before starting any design work, it goes without saying that you need to do proper research. As a designer or a business owner, you need to keep these points of research as your priority.

  1. Look at your competitors: The best reference and ideas you can get is from seeing how the competitors logo design is. Look out for the factor that makes the logo eye-catching, conveys the reason behind company establishment, etc.
  2. See what is in trend: While logo’s are meant to last forever, having some latest trend can be beneficial for its initial success. Plus who knows the same trend might make that logo memorable.
  3. Consult People: You can ask people about their suggestions on what they want to see in a logo. While most won’t have any opinion, the ones who have, would definitely give some valuable suggestions.

Know your target audience

A logo is not made for a company. The company is just a reference point, while the logo is for the audience. It allows the company to create an impression on its audience and make them remember you, whenever they want to avail your service.

Therefore, it’s extremely necessary that you know about your target audience. See what your audience preference is, the color they like, their attention span, etc. This research would help you in formulating the elements that would be in your logo design. Be it supporting your team, purchasing your sports products online; your customer are going to look for and use your logo to recognize you.

Simple yet Unique

Companies as well as designers at time want the logo to be studded with elements, colors and icon. While it might look good when the logo is displayed on big object, nothing would be clear or understandable when the same logo appears on small objects such as letterhead. You can even see the best logos of all time be it Nike, Apple or any other, having a very simple design that gets instantly ingrained in customers mind. Therefore, keep your logo as simple as possible.

Now, coming to the uniqueness of the logo. While we have earlier told you to research about your competitors, it is only meant to serve as an example. Never imitate other company’s logo, however beautiful that might be. Keep your logo unique and its design should be made with purpose of explaining your business.

Choose Color Wisely

Earlier people use to put multiple colors in their logo, since logo was mostly used on banners, t-shirts, company board, etc. But, now the scenario is different as logos are appearing on small digital devices, stationeries, etc. Therefore, choosing multiple colors won’t be a feasible option for your logo.

Select one or two colors at most that would easily represent your business, evokes certain emotion and is in tune with your brand. Here’s a list of colors and the emotion that they evoke on the target audience.

Pay heed to the icon used

What makes the logo of Apple company unique. The slightly cut apple icon is all that makes the difference. It catches viewers’ attention and is something that people can easily recognize even when it’s hidden among thousands of other things.

Now, we hope that you have realized the importance of icon, we are sure that you would pay heed to it. Here, are certain tips that might be useful

  1. Do not use icon that have too many elements.
  2. Make sure that there are no other company that has the same logo icon.
  3. Your logo icon should be meaningful and be in reference to what your company does.
  4. Also, do check if the logo goes with other content of your company.

Logo should be timeless

A logo should never be created with a purpose to encase an ongoing trend. While it may be beneficial in the short term, more likely than not, the logo would too fade away with the trend. Now, don’t get a wrong hint that you should not use trendy element at all in a design. Our only concern is that one should not use an element in trend, just for the sake of it. Thus, one needs to create a logo with an intention that it last forever.

Creating a timeless logo is not an easy task. Also, most of the time the designers themselves do not know the impact a logo would create like in the case of Nike’s swoosh logo. Therefore, at times you have to follow your gut feeling and just go with it.

Crowdsource the design

Businesses are generally skeptical about getting a logo designed through crowdsourcing sites. But, it is one of the best way to get multiple design ideas when you aren’t sure of what you want your logo to look like.

You would have designers from various part of the world, with their own imagination and creativity, trying to make a logo that would impress your target audience. Not to mention that crowdsourcing a design is relatively cheaper than most of the other options available.

See how it looks on various accessories

Your logo would appear on several objects and accessories. They might be in hard copy or in a digital form. The size might vary from a billboard to something as small as an eraser. Thus, you need to be sure that the logo you have created looks good on any form that it is used upon.

Now, we are sure that you have gained a good perspective on how to get a sports logo designed that meets its purpose. Just remember, all it requires to make an attractive logo is two things- proper research and creativity. Hope you liked this article and do not forget to share your views below.


Ashish Magar

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