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Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers

The mysteries of the decisions of the online shopper are speculative at best as delving into the thought processes of each individual consumer is hard to predict.  Online consumer behavior is a complicated socio-technical phenomenon and has been the focus of researchers for the last decade.

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Voice Search: How Emerging Technologies Are Changing the Way We Search

Today, most information is at your fingertips. By the click of a mouse, tap on the screen, or a simple “Hey, Siri” will bring about all the information you could need. This is vastly different from traditional search methods that were still employed a decade ago.

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Packaging for eCommerce

Over time, the packaging of online purchases has changed significantly. To keep up with the high expectations of customers, many online retailers have upped their game when it comes to the quality of packaging as well as the automation speed. The product packaging itself can leave many impressions on the customer and serves itself with many copious functions.

The vision of the brand can also play a major factor in the packaging of the product itself. For the transit packaging there are a number of considerations to take into account for sending your eCommerce product.

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eCommerce Email Marketing

With the emergence of the Internet there has been an increased amount of importance placed on text rather than spoken language. The primary method of communication of businesses is no longer phone communication but rather email communication. Businesses should consider their audiences when communicating in order to have better practices.

Furthermore, a lot of business are completely unaware of the fact that email marketing is the most inexpensive method for retaining customers and gaining potential buyers. By using email marketing, business owners can directly remind their customers that they remember them and that they value them as a customer. There are a number of different strategies that can improve email marketing!

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Social Commerce

Social Commerce, another side product of Web 2.0 social internet, is a subset of electronic commerce that uses social networking sites in the context of financial transactions.  In 2005, Yahoo first coined the term social commerce that helped give a metric to how much interest a certain product was receiving on social networking sites. However, over the years the term has developed into entirely different meaning.

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