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Ecommerce Analytics


An Introduction to Ecommerce Analytics Part 1

The online environment for ecommerce companies is fluid and constantly developing.  In this article, which is the start of a series of articles, I will write about understanding analytics that are helpful for ecommerce companies.  For small to medium size companies, it is important to understand analytics as they are critical data points for success. If your company doesn’t understand what the metrics are saying,…


eCommerce Site Design: Dynamic Cart, Custom Template Code, and Image Resizing

Ecommerce site design is one of the most important aspects to gain confidence from your ecommerce customer. The most shocking statistic is that 59% of consumers globally would rather interact with content that is beautifully and purposefully designed even when they are short on time. In fact, 57.7% of small to medium sized businesses are intending to invest in a new website look or design.…

Guest Post

How To Use Interactive Content To Promote Your Business

Small businesses are always in search of ideas and techniques to promote their business. No doubt you are here! The underlying reason for this never-ending cycle of search is that traditional marketing techniques are constantly losing their effectiveness. Marketers are growing at a faster rate as compared to the market. Businesses are dealing with an increased number of competitors on a daily basis. There’s so…

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Our Top Five Blog Posts of the Year

Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers The mysteries of the decisions of the online shopper are speculative at best as delving into the thought processes of each individual consumer is hard to predict.  Online consumer behavior is a complicated socio-technical phenomenon and has been the focus of researchers for the last decade. Click Here to Read More! Voice Search: How Emerging Technologies Are Changing…

Guest Post

New e-Commerce Metrics in Google AdWords

Building your eCommerce business with Google AdWords requires a marketing team keen on details. Learn how to understand and analyze important AdWords metrics to make smarter businesses decisions. Google has an expansive network with opportunities brewing for online businesses everywhere. Their reach is expansive and advertisers know it. It’s the reason they chose to work with AdWords in the first place. Getting started with Google…


Virtual Reality and eCommerce Stores

Shopping is going to take on a whole new type of medium, virtual reality, and is becoming even more reliant on technology. That’s right, the new shopping experience of the future is through virtual reality. This provides the shopper the visual enjoyment of walking through a store, yet they are still shopping from their own personal space. Shopping from the comforts of your home is…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

SearchFit Spotlight Feature: Intelligent Product Groups

SearchFit’s Intelligent Product Groups allow a merchant to automatically (or manually) create and manage different groupings of items that can then be displayed in many parts of a merchant’s eCommerce site. Merchants utilizing automated intelligent product groups guarantee themselves consistently fresh content without having to move a muscle. For example, a merchant could insert an intelligent product group that always shows the five newest items…