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Ecommerce Metrics: Finding the Value in Metrics

Understanding metrics and data points for your eCommerce website can help businesses better plan for how they can focus their strategy for better efficiency. The most successful eCommerce websites are ones that are obsessed with metics. Focusing on these metrics can help place context of how your customers are engaging with your website. Understanding how to analyze these data points can help give greater consideration…


Beauty eCommerce: Unique Content to Sell Products

As the cosmetics industry developed, the makeup aisle at the local pharmacy was the first stop for most women; bypassing higher-end cosmetics counters at department stores and opting for the affordable and variety offered by pharmacies. Pharmacies met this demand by not just having makeup, but also to include variety of products, and changed to being the all-inclusive beauty aisle. Today the beauty industry is…

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Ecommerce and Personal Shopping

Women around the world have loathed the concept of having to go out shopping for lingerie and swimsuits. The fight or flight feeling from shopping for these items has plagued women in the pursuit of finding something that fits and doesn’t make you want to cringe. Women have two options currently in beating the never-ending dread of shopping for these items either shop in-store or…

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies

The term “Black Friday” first came into the American lexicon when it was used to describe a financial crisis in 1869. The first time the term was used to describe the busiest shopping day of the year was in 1961 by a Philadelphia public relations newsletter. The day has since involved from its inception; today, it has become an all-out shopping frenzy, which has resulted…


Cannabusiness is Lighting Up eCommerce

Marijuana legalization has been a hot topic across the nation for this November’s coming elections. For the first time since the start of the war on drugs, the majority of Americans believe that it would be positive to legalize marijuana ( Although there have been some states who have fallen short in the Marijuana legalization race nine states in all are going to be legalizing…

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The Art of Selling Online

The word ‘sale’ can raise the heartbeat of just about any online-shopping enthusiast. But how do you make your E-commerce website have a successful sale? Understanding the art of the sale is essential to making your first “sale” on your website successful. The art of the sale stems back many decades ago and the modern salesmanship concept originated for the most part in America. The…

Customer Service

4 Ways to Nurture your Relationship with your Customers

If you are reading this headline and thinking “Wow my business kind of sounds like my love life.” Then you are right! Maintaining a relationship with your customers takes a lot of nurturing and maintaining a customers needs. You have to do all the obligatory things that you do in a loving relationship. Treating your customers like your love interest ensures they feel special, taken…

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery: Consumers Just Want Their Purchase!

One of the most important aspects of the E-commerce user experience is the shipment of the product. Consumers are using online resources to shop more efficiently in terms of time spent obtaining the product. Driving to a store locally that provides the exact price range that the consumer is willing to spend takes a lot for time out of the consumer’s busy life style. Driving…