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Guest Post

Branding in the Age of Social Media

The power of branding is what separates a ‘Converse’ shoe from a regular canvas shoe or an ‘Apple’ phone from a generic phone. It is the singular factor which demands the customer to pay more and value the product over everything else in the category. The brand is an amalgamation of various elements including the image, identity, positioning, personality, communication, and experience that the product…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

SearchFit Spotlight: Dependent Product Options

SearchFit’s mission from our early days has never wavered: we aim to bring enterprise level shopping cart functionality to businesses of all sizes. Few features epitomize this objective quite like Dependent Product Options. Dependent Product Options is a feature that was designed to address a complicated and extraordinarily common scenario. Many product lines have options that depend on other options. For example, you might be…

Tips for marketing to millennials

Guest Post

Tips For Marketing To Millennials

They are setting new trends, they are making their moms proud and while they are at it, they also tweet and snapchat. They are agile, swift and they want to be everywhere. They love instant gratification and they are here to stay. Yes, Millennials by 2018, will have the most spending power. The lucrative crowd that you have to please is right here. You can…

Guest Post

Convincing Customers To Buy Your Product Isn’t Exactly Easy

It can be a bit tricky. In order to overcome objections customers may have about your product, having a one-on-one conversation with them is usually best. If you sell your products online it isn’t easy to do that. That is why it is critical to inform your customers of the true value of the product you are offering. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, this…

Web Marketing

The Importance of Testing Your Sales / Promotions

There are many parts to a promotion that should be tested and checked, but once a few promotions are completed testing becomes second nature. There should be a comprehensive checklist of any particular issues that could arise that would need to be fixed before a launch could happen. Testing throughout the development stages is crucial to making sure a website can have full navigability and…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

SearchFit Spotlight: Automatic Image Resizing

Ecommerce sites need multiple image sizes and variations to showcase a single product. Websites at least need a big image on the product page, a smaller image on a category page, a large image to zoom into details, and tiny and thumbnail sized images for smaller views plus, additional images to showcase different product views. SearchFit cuts down time and saves money by automatically resizing…

Customer Service

Customer Loyalty

Customers are the bread and butter of the eCommerce industry and taking care of your customers’ needs is the most important aspect of your online business. Customers are constantly scouring the Internet for the best deal, and only 27% of customers are repeat customers (Crazy Egg). The dictionary defines loyalty as a strong feeling of allegiance or adherence for someone or something. Brand loyalty is…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

SearchFit Spotlight: Follow Up Products

Showing discontinued products without redirecting customers can create a bad user experience. Customers landing on discontinued product pages are more likely to become frustrated and bounce from the site. Additionally, creating individual redirects for products that regularly become discontinued, or are highly seasonal such as apparel items, can be a time consuming task for an eCommerce department. SearchFit allows website managers to simply identify replacement…