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Know Thyself – An Exercise in Authentic Brand Identity for eCommerce

“Know Thyself” – Ancient Greek aphorism What was first held true by the ancient Greeks is no less relevant in today’s technologically advanced marketplace. When you are trying to expand the reach of your brand in the internet age, it is easy to get mired down in keywords, SEO strategy, link-building, and the like. Of course, these tools are crucial to any successful ecommerce marketing…


Give Your eCommerce Site a Fresh Feel in 7 Easy Steps

Many ecommerce business owners will place all of their focus on things like SEO, social media, link-building, etc. to increase conversions, while allowing their site and its content to grow stagnant. In fact, one of the most effective and deceptively simple methods to stepping up conversion rates for your ecommerce business is to keep your site fresh and current at all times. This includes everything…


Get Trending!: 3 Top Twitter Tips for Your eCommerce Brand

Twitter is no longer a tool to be ignored if you are looking to put together a comprehensive, successful social media campaign for your ecommerce business. Second only to Facebook in terms of number of users and engagements, Twitter is a great way to increase your brand’s social reach and visibility while keeping consumers informed and entertained with concise, content-central messages. Because of the limited…


7 Tips for Increasing Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are often at the forefront of discussion in the conference rooms (and living rooms) of ecommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. Once you have optimized your strategy to increase organic traffic, and implemented a paid search strategy, you may see a large influx in traffic to your site, and yet those visits may not be translating effectively into actual revenue. What can…


Think Outside the Box: Creative Link Building Strategies for eCommerce

For many eCommerce business owners, the task of creating a diverse and long-term link-building strategy may seem daunting. Of course, link-building is an important part of a comprehensive SEO strategy for any site, and for any site which offers products for sale, it is absolutely essential. This is an exciting time to be involved in ecommerce, and with the concurrent boom in social media and…