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Featuring news on the latest trends in eCommerce, fresh features in SearchFit Shopping Cart and highlights in the world of Search Engine Marketing.

Web Marketing

Social Commerce

Social Commerce, another side product of Web 2.0 social internet, is a subset of electronic commerce that uses social networking sites in the context of financial transactions.  In 2005, Yahoo first coined the term social commerce that helped give a metric to how much interest a certain product was receiving on social networking sites. However, over the years the term has developed into entirely different…

Web Marketing

Voice Search: How Emerging Technologies Are Changing the Way We Search

Today, most information is at your fingertips. By the click of a mouse, tap on the screen, or a simple “Hey, Siri” will bring about all the information you could need. This is vastly different from traditional search methods that were still employed a decade ago. Before Google was widely available, most who needed to find information, had to go to their library or closest…

Shipping & Delivery

Packaging for eCommerce

Over time, the packaging of online purchases has changed significantly. To keep up with the high expectations of customers, many online retailers have upped their game when it comes to the quality of packaging for eCommerce as well as the automation speed. The product packaging itself can leave many impressions on the customer and serves itself with many copious functions. The vision of the brand…

Email Marketing

eCommerce Email Marketing

With the emergence of the Internet there has been an increased amount of importance placed on text rather than spoken language. The primary method of communication of businesses is no longer phone communication but rather email communication. Businesses should consider their audiences when communicating in order to have better practices. Furthermore, a lot of business are completely unaware of the fact that email marketing is…

Web Marketing

SEO to Consider for the New Year

Having a SEO strategy is important to keep your website’s competitive edge in the new year. Tactics have evolved over the years and different strategies have been used to receive better rankings. For example, the Google Penguin update has caused a number of changes that have changed how SEO ranks websites. Using measuring tools and metrics can help create an understanding and actionable insights to…


Ecommerce Metrics: Finding the Value in Metrics

Understanding metrics and data points for your eCommerce website can help businesses better plan for how they can focus their strategy for better efficiency. The most successful eCommerce websites are ones that are obsessed with metics. Focusing on these metrics can help place context of how your customers are engaging with your website. Understanding how to analyze these data points can help give greater consideration…


Beauty eCommerce: Unique Content to Sell Products

As the cosmetics industry developed, the makeup aisle at the local pharmacy was the first stop for most women; bypassing higher-end cosmetics counters at department stores and opting for the affordable and variety offered by pharmacies. Pharmacies met this demand by not just having makeup, but also to include variety of products, and changed to being the all-inclusive beauty aisle. Today the beauty industry is…

Web Marketing

Ecommerce and Personal Shopping

Women around the world have loathed the concept of having to go out shopping for lingerie and swimsuits. The fight or flight feeling from shopping for these items has plagued women in the pursuit of finding something that fits and doesn’t make you want to cringe. Women have two options currently in beating the never-ending dread of shopping for these items either shop in-store or…