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Web Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies

The term “Black Friday” first came into the American lexicon when it was used to describe a financial crisis in 1869. The first time the term was used to describe the busiest shopping day of the year was in 1961 by a Philadelphia public relations newsletter. The day has since involved from its inception; today, it has become an all-out shopping frenzy, which has resulted…


Cannabusiness is Lighting Up eCommerce

Marijuana legalization has been a hot topic across the nation for this November’s coming elections. For the first time since the start of the war on drugs, the majority of Americans believe that it would be positive to legalize marijuana ( Although there have been some states who have fallen short in the Marijuana legalization race nine states in all are going to be legalizing…

Web Marketing

The Art of Selling Online

The word ‘sale’ can raise the heartbeat of just about any online-shopping enthusiast. But how do you make your E-commerce website have a successful sale? Understanding the art of the sale is essential to making your first “sale” on your website successful. The art of the sale stems back many decades ago and the modern salesmanship concept originated for the most part in America. The…

Customer Service

4 Ways to Nurture your Relationship with your Customers

If you are reading this headline and thinking “Wow my business kind of sounds like my love life.” Then you are right! Maintaining a relationship with your customers takes a lot of nurturing and maintaining a customers needs. You have to do all the obligatory things that you do in a loving relationship. Treating your customers like your love interest ensures they feel special, taken…

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery: Consumers Just Want Their Purchase!

One of the most important aspects of the E-commerce user experience is the shipment of the product. Consumers are using online resources to shop more efficiently in terms of time spent obtaining the product. Driving to a store locally that provides the exact price range that the consumer is willing to spend takes a lot for time out of the consumer’s busy life style. Driving…

Web Marketing

Happy Sharing! Social Media Buttons

Let shoppers promote your site for you! Social media sharing buttons are one of the most important aspects of your website. This can be a gateway for business to connect to their consumers. Sometimes marketing can seem like a tedious job that involves marketing to a high number of individuals who may or not appreciate or find the value in your product. This may make…

10 Must Have Features for Shoppers

eCommerce, Web Marketing

10 Must Have Features for Shoppers

  1. Sales/ Deals of the Day The word sale is a girls best friend. Highlighting special offers and sales to a customer can drive sales on your website. Having “Deals of the Day” will give your loyal shoppers the reminder to constantly check back to your website to view deals. 2. Shipping Deals Customers are often in a hurry or are shopping for a…


User Gratification and E-Commerce

E-commerce and the digital experience have adopted higher standards that have been dictated by the most successful online retailers. These retailers have set a precedence that online shoppers have come to expect and other retailers have had to follow. In 2015, E-commerce sales were 341.7 billion dollars annually with an increase of 14.6% from 2014. Hong Shao, a staff writer, from states that digital…