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Ecommerce Advertising: Snapchat Ready for Your Brand?

Social Media is teeming with enormous opportunities for the marketers to showcase their brands extensively. Among the continually growing social media platforms, Snapchat is certainly one of the most buzzing ones. It might not be as old as Facebook, still, Snapchat always comes up with extraordinary surprises for its users. The technologically upgraded and striking features of Snapchat mesmerized the hearts of people over the…

Guest Post, Web Marketing

Logos: A Brand Identity

Whether you are a sports company or a sports team, a logo speaks a lot for your brand. Be it a team like New York Giants or a sports good company like Nike, a majority of your audience can recognize you, just by looking at the logo. As such, it becomes extremely important that your sports logo is just perfect. Perhaps the importance of logo…


eCommerce Website Product Reviews

Many eCommerce companies forget the importance of eCommerce product reviews. With the increasing size of the competition customers are often asked to make decisions based on very small differences in the product. So having customer reviews on your products can become a factor in deciding whether another new customer will purchase that product. It has been reported by administrators that there is a 42% increase…

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Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Business’s Cyber Security in 2018

Your business relies on technology to operate, but every day, your company faces a variety of cyber security risks. Consider these statistics. 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses. Most businesses don’t detect network breaches for at least 6 months. Global ransomware damage costs exceeded $5 billion in 2017. Ransomware will affect one business every 14 seconds by 2019. One email in 131 contains malware.…

Guest Post, Web Marketing

How To Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

In the age of social media the best way to market yourself is to get your customers to do it for you! Learn how to turn them into brand ambassadors.   These days the customer journey has become about more than just the sale. With the advent of social media and a continuously evolving service economy, consumers increasingly want to feel involved in the process…

Characteristics of the Best eCommerce Websites


Characteristics of the Best eCommerce Websites

In today’s saturated eCommerce economy, the competition for selling your products online has gotten tougher and tougher. The possibilities of getting your eCommerce products purchased over another companies are darn right difficult. That is why you must have a leg up in the design and the way you run your eCommerce business online. Logically the analogy for this could be made that walking into physical…

eCommerce Store Cost


eCommerce Website Costs

The thought has come across every entrepreneur or small business owners how much will it cost to start an ecommerce website?  The answer is somewhat convoluted and complicated and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. After considering sweat equity, eCommerce website costs could range from $5,000 and way upward to a few million dollars, depending on what type of requirements your business needs.  There is…


Magento, BigCommerce, and Prestashop Customers WE got what you need

The Google built eCommerce platform integration relationship is coming to a sharp end starting March 20, 2018 for three companies. The announcement came by email from Google sometime in January and stated that platforms BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento are going to have their apps/feeds dis-coupled and retired from Google permanently. Currently, ecommerce stores are able to have their products connect directly to the Google Merchant…