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Featuring news on the latest trends in eCommerce, fresh features in SearchFit Shopping Cart and highlights in the world of Search Engine Marketing.

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Why is eCommerce Content Marketing Changing?

Ecommerce content marketing is one of the most important things an ecommerce company can do to gain some traffic, rankings, and engagement with their brand. Content marketing is making a big change in 2018 and more brands should approach ecommerce marketing as a more in depth process.  In the past, according to Marketing Insider Group you would be able to get a significant ROI by…


It’s a Doggy Dog Ecommerce World

In 2017, the Pet Industry became a $70-billion-dollar market, with 4.5 billion of those dollars being online pet product sales. The pet industry according to has grown 45% in the last year, and attributes this growth to the current trends that couples are having babies later in life and instead are resorting to the quintessential fur baby. Fur Parents are seeing their new pet…

Web Marketing

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are Changing Content Marketing for Businesses

Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm who recently closed due to this incident, was hired to collect the private information of 50 million Americans.  Many researchers and analysts are calling this the end of the wild west in terms of data protection on social networking sites according to The digital ad industry in particular has refuted any type of proposal to regulate how advertisers…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

Google Chrome and Recognizing HTTPS

Starting in this July, Google’s Chrome browser will show a warning on all HTTP sites designating these sites as not secure according to The Verge in its new Version 68. Currently, the browser signifies all sites that are HTTP as a neutral information, but starting in July it will provide an extra notification in the address bar.  Furthermore, according to the verge Google has been inching users…


12 Factors in Choosing an Ecommerce Solution

An ecommerce solution is a software technology solution that allows businesses to build online storefronts to sell products, or services.  Many businesses have the desire to build an ecommerce website, but lack the knowledge or expertise to do so.  Knowing where to start can be all a business needs to make the jump into ecommerce. Understanding how to evaluate the pros and cons of an…

SearchFit Spotlight Features

Etail Solutions and SearchFit are Joining Forces

SearchFit is happy to announce that we are integrating our existing eCommerce Solution Software with Etail.  Etail is an integrated platform that is true end-to end integration of sales and supply chains that make managing orders and inventory a pain of the past.  The platform can build your business with proven blueprints and tools that drive growth. This new partnership will help build more robust…

Guest Post, Social Marketing

6 Ways You Can Distress Via Social Media

Arriving home after a long day at work, sitting in front of the computer, you take your shoes off, make yourself a refreshing drink, and ironically, sit in front of your laptop again. It’s incredible how so many of us choose to communicate with others through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook rather than directly conversing with people. As a matter of fact, when…

Guest Post, Web Marketing

How Small Businesses Can Compete Against Big Brands in PPC

Competing with large corporations can be very intimidating when you’re a small business owner. It’s hard to compare, especially when you know the competition has a much larger budget paired with a vast amount of resources. You may think that because larger businesses have more money, they will always win the bids for keywords, but this isn’t necessarily true.   The great thing about running…